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Need a place to earn money using your Internet connection and your website? Share a Sale gives you this opportunity. You can join their affiliate programme and get a sponsor for your website. You Get paid for your great content. You put their merchants’ banner in your website and get paid for the sale, lead or even for the clicks. Drive more traffic to your online store using performance-based marketing. They currently have over 1,700 Merchants in their network. Every merchant has a different type of product that they are selling - and each of them is going to pay you a commission on that sale if you bring a customer to them. You have to decide which merchants you want to promote, you decide how to promote that Merchant and when commissions are generated, you even able to see your real-time statistics.


If you want to sell your stuff then also Share a Sale can find sales leads for you. You decide what commission structure you want to pay – and only pay when it works. You can modify your program to pay on a percentage of a sale (pay-per-sale), a pay-per-lead basis (PPL or CPA), or a pay-per-click basis. Promote Your Online Store with Share a Sale. Join Share a Sale and Earn Cash.

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