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Dear visitors we request you to check our new Online Computer Technology News blog

Build your own totally free internet websites with no experience in free web site building
So you are here because you either want to build a website for free or want to make some improvements to your website. Make yourself at home, take a look around the site. I will explain in step by step everything you need to know.

Building a website need money but it is not absolute truth. One can easily create a free website and get money from it. You can design a professional website with a free web host. People say a real domain name is necessary but I will say NO. If you website has some real contents and you got a proper guidance then you also could be a successful webmaster without spending a penny.

Lets start...

The three most important thing you need to create a free website are

1. A free web host : There are lots of web hosts which can help you to host your website for free to the internet but you should be careful to choose one. Many web hosts offer many different things, you have to choose wisely what you need and what you don't need. Also you need to check the reputation of a free web hosts because the more reputed your host will be the more possibility of getting noticed by search engines. See list of free trusted web hosts.

2. An html editor : An html editor like Microsoft FrontPage. Most of us already has this wonderful and basic software but if you don't have that then you can use this free html editor.

3. Graphics editor: If you want to add some nice graphics like banner, buttons etc to your website then you need a graphics editor although it is not necessary but it can add some value to your website. Try adobe photoshop CS2 trial version or some free image editors.

Advantages of building a free website:

It is free. Zero cost of maintenance. Earning money from it.

 All we want in return of our great service is a small donation from you. This will help the website to bring you new fresh stuffs and more free services.

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